Skincare Products

All our Medical grade facials are designed according to your skincare needs and work by treating the skin from the inside out, going beyond its surface to truly restore and rejuvenate your skin’s health. Our procedures preserve and cleanse the skin, encourage collagen stimulation, improve circulation, exfoliate and remove toxins, and correct skin imperfections by improving the skin’s appearance and its health. Where traditional spa facials tend to be use perfumes, oils, and irritants, at Refined Aesthetics, we use exclusive, medical grade products to create customized facials that are noninvasive, low-risk, and effective.

Our Trusted Skincare Partners


Cleansing with steam helps to soften and prep the skin for the rest of the facial. It also removes oil, dirt, and debris from the surface of the skin.


Extractions when included help clear clogged or impacted pores.

Customized Exfoliation Mask​

We offer different levels of exfoliation depending on what your skin needs. Exfoliation plays a key part in helping skin stay healthy and achieve a soft feel.

Customized Treatment Mask

The treatment mask helps to address a variety of skin concerns and can help the skin appear more soothed, brighter, and balanced.

Finishing Treatment

This includes applying a treatment serum and moisturizer to keep your skin feeling protected when you leave.

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